Baerble Ashenberg - performer




Bärbel has studied theatre in Germany, France and England where she met Matthieu Leloup-Bellon in 2005 during her studies of European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford college (Sidcup). In 2008 she finished her degree in acting and creating theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts (Director: Thomas Prattki, former head of l'Ecole de Jacques Lecoq in Paris) which follows the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq. Through workshops with Song of the goat, the Graphit-Ensemble and the Mime-Centre in Berlin she has deepened her research in the craft of the actor and different movement and vocal techniques. At the moment she is performing in several shows with different theatre companies (théâtre-au-fil-des-nuages, Theater Anu, Schauspielhaus Frankfurt).

She was part of the core ensemble of actors for Windmills until 2011, and part of the workshops team of Bred In The Bone.