Krystyna Krotoska - performer


During the seventies Krystyna performed with theatre Kalambur (Wroclaw Poland) at the Festiwal Teatru Otwartego -Festival Of The Open Theatre for many years
In 1976 she completed a degree/diploma in actor entertainer. Also at that time she created an independent singing recital and performed a number of roles in alternative theatres throughout Poland. In the same year she also completed her master's degree of Philology at Wroclaw University

In 1981 Krystyna received a Diploma of Dramatic Actor in front of state committee.
In 1982 she joined Teatr Polski ensemble in Wroclaw and performed amongst others, work by Witkacy, Gombrowicz and Shakespeare
In 1990 university collaboration teacher in Wyzsza Szkola Teatralna we Wroclawiu (Theater University in Wroclaw)
Lead workshops in Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw
Zygmunt Molik Actor Laboratory Theatre of Jerzy Grotoski
Eugenio Barba and ODIN Theatre
Most recently Krystyna has performed 3 Samuel Beckett monologues produced by the Grotowski Centre